Sunday, May 10, 2009

movin on up

well... friends I think I created a new blog... ya know... with my husband..... and our life.... being married... ya get the idea... please follow me now on
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do what I gotta do.

A lot of people have been asking me "how's married life treating ya?" Well I'm here to tell you as of 23 hundred hours it's not as fabulous as I always hoped it would be. Know why? I feel crazy in LOVE with a United States Marine. I have been married a little over a week and I only got to spend about four full days with my husband. I wish that I could just get out there and be with him right now, but I can't I guess it's a longer process then I expected. I would move out there and live in a box til we got set up. I just want to see that crazy marine husband of mine. I AM thankfully able to talk to him and that is nice to be able to have at least that. He's not deployed yet. Thank GOD. But that's going to be the hardest thing to do when that time comes.... thankfully that wont be for a while and I get to be with my husband for a good half a year before the dreaded day comes.
How's married life? I miss my husband. I know that I will be exercising a lot of patients over these next two years but I honest to god would not have had it any other way. I made the right decision and I want to sit on the same side of the booth with him in every restaurant I go to til forever. I want to hold hands and kiss like no one is watching in the middle of a crowded room til forever. I want to take all goofy jokes he makes about me and smile cause he is saying things cause he is in love with me back. He makes me so happy even when he is 700 miles away. I love my Marine and I'm proud to be his wife. I will do everything and anything to make this work and last and be happy and make him as happy as he can. Because HE is the strongest person I know and I know that he deserves all of what I can give him plus more. I'll only put mayo in his socks when I am really really mad at him. (hehe just kidding I'll probably never do that.)
On another note I'm working a butt load again and I will be saving up to move out there, and its my last week in my apartment. SO LONG NUMBER 12. Where its @ is moving to spanish fork til I can move to San Diego also known as the whales vagina! JK.
I also had kind of a going away party for me tonight with loads of ice cream. I was hoping more people could make it but the only ones who mattered where (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER) Abbie, Bethany, and Kayla. Those three are my favorites ever in the whole world and I am so so happy to have all of them in my life right now, especially when they snuggle me while my husband is away. Just to have a good friend that I can count on is so so meaningful. I can say I have never had a girl bestfriend in my life until now. LITTLE LATE GIRLS (hehe) I still love you all. Thanks for coming and I'll be back to visit after I move away. ONLY to come see you of course :)
I am very happy with my life and the people in it. I hope it can stay this way forever. And three days in David's case. ;)

Do what I gotta do by john legend. I love this mans voice and I am doing what I gotta do to be with my lover face.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


**If you have a weak stomach please don't read**
So today I feel like I'm blue in the face cause I been choking down pill after pill today. I am currently taking 4 pills a day, but it's the same pill so it only counts as one but the pill is bigger than my thumb nail. I have to choke it down with gallons of water and it still feels like it's stuck in my throat. (so LAME) If you are wondering why let me explain.
Saturday I was with my sexy hubby at his brother Scott's house watching the UFC fights and I noticed my jaw was a little tender and felt some bumps on the side of my face...well that's not good! I assumed that it was my Staph infection. I have had it since I was born and it comes back every once in a while either as a huge boil on my arm or surrounding area or a rash on my face with boil-y looking pimples. I texted my father that night asking for a medication called "bacterban" which is a gooey substance that you put on the rash and it'll get better shortly. It didn't get better if anything was getting worse and on top of that got the stomach flu. I was barfing and my jaw was swelling and getting more red by the second. My mom took me to instacare and the doctor says... well it ain't a Staph infection. ITS HERPES!!!! UGH grosss. It's just a coldsore that didn't know where to go. SUPERLAME. I found out the stuff I been using on my face actually made the herpes angry... we don't want to upset it. So he perscribed some pills that are huge that I take 4 times a day! My mom says it's looking better but I don't think it looks better it's just large and bubbly.
I told Dave that as soon as he leaves something bad will happen...needless tosay that has happened AGAIN! When he left the first time I slammed my finger in the car door NOW he left and I get herpes on my chin! UTARDED.
David I miss you and you probably shouldn't leave me any more! (jk I know I have no say in that.)

Blue by A perfect circle. I feel like I'm choking on these pills and going to turn blue.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

White Wedding

Yes it's true, I have chose to devote my life to this crazy kid named David Griggs. Which is my new name since thursday April 16th. I am so happy and it went so fast that it almost is crazy to say I have a husband. But I would NOT have it any other way I want to be with him the rest of my living life and 3 days after. I have an amazing new family that are so great to me and my David. The day went really fast and the judge I thought would be kind of a tard seemed really nice at the end of it. Dave said YES twice, hehe. Dave said that the judge started talking slower and he thought he was supposed to say yes after everything so he said YES really loud and we all kind of giggled. Then we kissed and headed to his parents house for some sammiches and family time. I know I know, NO one knew when I was going to get married and half of y'all weren't invited, I'm sorry we're going to probably do a reception this summer but we'll see what we can do. I would rather get my stuff together and move out there to be with him as soon as possible. But it's all in good time.
He left this morning around 6:30 ish. Kind of sad and my eyeballs betrayed me in leaking salty, wet tears, but give me a break this is my husband now. I am glad we got married and I would NOT have it any other way. I love my marine. :)

White wedding by billie idol. Well what did you expect me to put in here :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Right Here

I am currently waiting for my David to be in the 801 zip code. He's comin home and been driving all night (poor marine.) I can't wait to see him and I am so ver ver excited! YAY DAVEY I MISSED YOU SOO MUCH, I'll see ya soon!!!

Right here by staind and the song goes "you always find away to keep me right here waiting." I mean it in the best way possible cause that is all I can do is be patient with the marines and him :) Can't wait to see you!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Today I am thinking back to about 9 months ago. I moved into the Winterhaven apartments, and met some really radical people. Starting with Erkle. This chick is my favorite ever. I never thought I would make a best friend out of a roommate. I would love to say and play with her next year but I'm gettin all hitched and stuff. So I'll make it a plan to come visit her as often as I can manage.
And also Becca, Denise, Chelsee, and Asumi.
Becca you've been the most real person I have ever known. Nothing is held back with you and I love and appreciate that so much. You always had something to say and I usually agreed. That's what cool NON mormons do! (what what)
Denise, well my BYU friend who has a T shirt from U of U now!! OHHHH. We still need to make it up to the PIE before I deploy to be with my marine :) I could count on you to be there.
Chelsee, GIRRRRL We had some good times in this crazy #12. I hope only the best for you and your life. This apartment would not have been the same without you.
Asumi thanks for your hard work and helping when no one else was. I appreciate it so much and you stuck it out all 9 months. I think we all did ver ver well.
It's crazy to think about but it's all over... and I just realized we don't have a picture of all of us together. I'm gonna have to make sure one gets taken before we all go on our seperate ways.
I hope to stay in contact with a few of you crazy retards I call my roommates. If I don't though, just know the time with y'all has changed my perspective on life greatly. I can honestly say that 6 crazy different ladies can come from 6 different houses and live in what I'd like to call "Peace?" or "pieces" whichever comes first :)
Another new item is...
I am indeed a blonde again. I have excuses for when I park stupidly or say something retarded. It's just the roots. :)
I am preparing to move back to my parents until I can be with my lover in San Diego. As I was cleaning I found my old journal and year books. I laughed REALLY hard when I found this.
That is Dave's 9th grade photo and the writing next to it says " David Griggs, man he got hot! I am going to marry him, just kidding he has a girlfriend and that SUCKS!!!" and I would like to let you know I wrote that back in March 6, 2006. AH Is that not the funniest thing or what! I really am marrying this kid after 3 years of wanting to! Kind of funny how life works out?
If you are wondering if he is going to be able to come home next week... truth is I dunno yet :( I was hoping for tonight but seeing how I'm already writing a blog, I will probably NOT post another one later tonight. If I get confirmation I will blog right away... I honestly hope I can just see my David. I miss him a lot of bits right now. (ps is it kind of strange that I could be married by this time next week!? I'm so excited to be with him, so I'll let y'all know.)

Closure by Chevelle I was just talking about moving out of my apartment. It's been a good 9 months and I learned a lot. But I take with me my experiences, and grow from them. Thanks ladies I couldn't have done it without ya!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For a pessimist I'm pretty optomistic

I am going to marry the man of my dreams. BE JEALOUS. So since I don't get to talk to him for about 2 weeks... I decided to write a blog about him (like I don't do that all the time anyways. This is different.) I want to tell everyone why he is perfect for me, and don't worry nothing too mushy... its semi-sweet. (Just how I like it)

Reason 1: This boy can make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants. Not cause he tickles me or does stupid annoying things like that (ok sometimes he does do that kind of stuff) But it's not annoying to me in the least. He can just keep me laughing for hours and hours, and I miss that the most when he is gone. The marine corps puts him in a bad mood sometimes and I don't get to hear his laugh as much when it's been a shitty marine corps day. I do know how to get him to laugh back though, and THAT my friends is the reason he has kept me interested in his goofy self all these long years. Even when I just am texting him he will say something so funny that I can almost picture him saying it and laugh out loud to a text message. Yep, he is just that good.

Reason 2: I know most women LOOOVE to be romanced and all that girly stuff. I am not a traditional girl who needs flowers on her doorstep and I am pretty practical when it comes to things like this. Dave is SEMI sweet. He know's what to say to me to make me feel so special without being overboard with it. (EXAMPLE: you are the moon, the sun, the starlit sky. Without you I'd dwell in darkness.) DAVEY does not do this and I LOVE THIS ABOUT HIM. We are both pretty practical about things and we know we're in love, we don't need all the sweetness... just enough. =)

Reason 3: Ummmm have you SEEN my fiance. He's a hottie. The marine corps is NOT full of hot men with big massive weapons and guns and sexy tan bodies... no not at all. BUT Dave is smokin hot! I got lucky with this, I'd like him even if he gained 12.3 lbs. :) It's not all about looks but it's very nice to have a hot man in my life, so everyone can stare and be like "damn what's that crazy burnette chick doin with that hot marine?"

Reason 4: We like doing the same things. I cannot wait to go hiking and hit up Moab and go to all these fun places with him. We took the same German class and decided that one day we shall go to Germany to speak what little German we know to get us some German BIER!!! (that's German for BEER.) When in Germany YOU HAVE TO TRY BEER. It's only natural. We will also most likely go deep sea fishing while we are living in San Diego. I have been fishing before and I don't mind the fishing part as long as someone wants to bait my hook :D But I loath fish, they're to squishy and smell awful. I will not touch the fish, but knowing Dave he'll probably make me kiss it or something nasty and I'll get over it eventually.

Reason 5: We can literally talk about anything. I have known this boy for so long now, we have a lot of the same friends and have grown up living 3 blocks away for 6 years. He was in my ward so we can make fun of the old ward together. We hung out a lot and knew every person we ever dated other than eachother. And for some reason we always stayed friends, even when we broke up we would always still hang out as friends. (probably cause I still had a huge crush on the rascal, but I was too nervous to say anything to him about it.) The fact is that now that we know so much about each other, most topics are an open book. There are things I'm still getting to know about him and vice versa, but I will take the good with the bad.

Reason 6: We have similar taste in music. I blame David for most of this. I used to think that Dave was crazy for getting a tattoo of TOOL on his arm. It is his peragative though, who am I to judge what he does. He told me to listen to this song by Tool called the patient. I thought sure why not, I kind of have a huge crush on him so I will see what he likes them so much for. Anyways needless to say I am now a fan of them. Since then my taste in music has opened up to that style and I am a huge fan of APC. Which tool's lead singer is also in. Breaking Benjamin, Rob Zombie, Godsmack, and others like that we are both into. I'm just sayin next time Tool comes to concert I am going! Or A perfect circle, I'd go to them before Tool. Sorry Dave.

Reason 7: I like that we aren't the same at all. He likes nasty tang and zip Miracle whip and I love Mayo. It's kind of a joke I usually send him pictures of me flipping off the miracle whip now and he things he's going to put mayo in my socks one day. We just have these little inside jokes now. I love it.

Reason 8: He's pretty easy going. Doesn't get mad often and I honestly have never got into a fight with him. Which is good we don't have any reason to fight about anything. I know one day we'll get into a fight, but its nothing we can't calm down and talk about things later. I'm pretty easy going and I am fairly reasonable when it comes to things. There is always a compromise and picking battles is probably the key to anything. Why fight about something as stupid as what movie to get, or what carpet to put in or (i dunno what do old married couples fight about.) I just love that we're both pretty level headed that it should never be a problem with us.

Reason 9: We have some awesome families. I love his family and my family loves him. I can't speak for him but I'm pretty sure that he likes my family. If not me and my family are a package deal and he's just putting up with them for me. (I know that he likes me =D ) Both of our families are ver ver excited for us. Which is SOOOOOO good. I have dealt with past relationships that my parents don't like him and as you can tell... it didn't work out. AND with good reason.

Reason 10: He gets me. I am a total spaz at times, and he is too. I know he's just going to get wierder with the time spent with him, and I know I'll probably get crazier. (thanks mom) He know's that too, he's seen my mom first hand and we are both aware that I might get slightly crazy. He's just going to get frutier. I know this and expect him one day to push me out of bed cause I stole the blanket, Or I might really find mayo in my sock one day. I'll probably put mayo on his sammich one day just to spite him. :) We just can have fun with what we have to work with. We will just deal with out personal problems and make fun of eachother for it.

I could absolutly keep going and tell you everything I love about this kid right down to his eyelashes. I won't keep ranting though. I have a lot of inside jokes in a lot of these reasons that he will only understand and most might not. It's nice to think about these great memories that I had with him, and more to come soon.

Dave, wherever you might be right now. Know that you're on my mind and that's the way it'll be til forever and 3 days are up. Love you crazy tard nugget.

For a pessimist I'm pretty optomistic by paramore. I thought it was ironic. Like myself. :)